Column Capacity

This tool allows calculating the axial capacity of RC columns exposed to standard fire from four sides. For information about the assumptions and limitations of the given tool, please refer to the publication given below. Please contact us if you are interested to know about our other tools.

Axial Capacity of RC Columns – EL Fitiany and Youssef (the tool is distributed as an executable file that will open Excel. The excel file provides the distribution of the average temperature and average stresses over the section height as well as the column axial capacity, as shown below)

Examples of using the tool are given in this file “Examples“.

Salah F. El-Fitiany, Maged A. Youssef, 2018, “Practical method to predict the axial capacity of RC columns exposed to standard fire“, Journal of Structural Fire Engineering,

Existing analytical methods for the evaluation of fire safety of Reinforced Concrete (RC) structures require extensive knowledge of heat transfer calculations and the finite element method. This paper proposes a rational method to predict the axial capacity of RC columns exposed to standard fire. The average temperature distribution along the section height is first predicted for a specific fire scenario. The corresponding distribution of the reduced concrete strength is then integrated to develop expressions to calculate the axial capacity of RC columns exposed to fire from four faces. These expressions provide structural engineers with a rational tool to satisfy the objective-based design clauses specified in the National Code of Canada in lieu of the traditional prescriptive methods.



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