Modular Steel Structures

Simplex Engineering has significant expertise with Modular Steel Design in different structures. We have conducted experimental tests as well as advanced non-linear dynamic analyses to understand their seismic behaviour. Sample previous projects by our engineers during their career at Simplex Engineering or other engineering companies are listed below. Our expertise in this area is also reflected in our technical publications and engineering tools.

Modular Steel Design (Details of Modular Steel Building)

  • Design of a typical modular house, Glass homes, California, USA.
  • Numerous special heavy modular units used to house diesel generators.
  • Yonkers Public Schools, Yonkers, NY (two-story modular steel structure),
  • SUNY Purchase College Dormitory, Purchase, NY, USA (four-story steel modular structure).
  • WP-283 Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant, Department of Environmental Protection, New York, NY.
    (one-story steel modular structure)
  • A 3000-gallon generator sub-base tank that satisfies UL 142 (Standard for Steel Above ground Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids).
Modular Steel Design Engineering Inquiry: