Alternations and Retrofitting

Simplex Engineering has significant expertise in alternations and retrofitting. Sample previous projects by our engineers during their career at Simplex Engineering or other engineering companies include the list shown below. Our expertise in this area is also reflected in our technical publications and engineering tools.

  • Rehabilitation of East Bolton Elevated Tank, Bolton, ON.
  • Abraham Goodman House, New York, NY, USA (addition of a floor and renovation of an exiting reinforced concrete building).
  • Geday Residence, New York, NY, USA (reinforcing of an existing reinforced-concrete flat slab to create a double-height living room by cutting a corner panel of the slab and join two floors using stairs).
  • 15E 96th street, New York, USA (major alteration to an existing building).

Alternations (Retrofitting of Steel Beams with FRP sheets)


Alternations and/or Retrofitting Engineering Inquiry: