Advanced Analysis

Simplex Engineering Team has the capability to conduct advanced structural analysis for any structure. Sample of our previous projects are listed below. You can also check our engineering education services and our engineering tools.


Assessment of Interface Stresses in Composite Hollowcore Slab:

The model accounted for the non-linear behaviour of concrete as well as the construction stages (prestressing of the hollowcore slab, casting of the topping concrete, application of the live load).


advanced structural analysis (Finite Element Modeling of Hollowcore Slabs)

Composite Hollowcore Slab


Incremental Dynamic Analysis (IDA):

Incremental dynamic analysis was utilized in many projects to understand the seismic performance of steel and concrete structures and modify the design to eliminate the undesirable failure modes.

Advanced Structural Analysis (Incremental Dynamic Analysis)

Specialized Steel Connections:

Finite element modeling of specialized steel connection is shown. The geometric and material nonlinearity as well as potential failure modes were captured by the model.

Advanced Structural Analysis (Steel Connection Nonlinear Behaviour)


Nonlinear Buckling Analysis of Elevated Water Tanks:

Finite element modeling that accounts for both material and geometric non-linearities was conducted. The geometric non-linearity is considered by updating the geometry of the finite element mesh to match the 3D scan representing the existing elevated water tank.


Advanced Structural Analysis Engineering Inquiry: