PEO PEE Exam Notes

Ethics and Law Notes (PPE Exam Notes) recorded as videos are listed below. Read the notes while the video is running and pass the PEO PPE exam. You can also check if a face-to-face course and/or a live webinar is being offered. You can rent the videos for 3 days through the links given below or email us to purchase PDF version of the notes.


Ethics Modules: 

1- Introduction to Ethics. 

2- Code of Ethics. 

3- Professional Misconduct and Disciplinary Process. 

4- Conflict of Interest and Managing IP.


Law Modules:

1 – Tort Law Principles. 

2 – Concurrent Tortfeasors and Limitation Period. 

3- Contract Law. 

4- Unenforceable Contract.


PPE Exam Notes by: 

Dr. Ayman El Ansary, P.Eng., is an Assistant Professor and MEng Program Coordinator at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Western University, and a registered professional engineer in Ontario. He is also an executive member of PEO London Chapter and the chair of PEO London Chapter Scholarship Fund committee. He received his BSc and MSc from Alexandria University, Egypt and PhD from the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Dr. El Ansary has vast experience in teaching, research, and consulting in the area of structural engineering in Canada and overseas. His main research interests include; finite element analysis, structural dynamics, fluid-structure interaction problems, and optimization techniques in structural design. Dr. El Ansary has several publications in refereed journals and conferences and he serves as a reviewer for several structural engineering journals. He is the recipient of a number of awards including; MITACS Postdoctoral Scholarship Award, Ontario Graduate Scholarship Award, and Graduate Thesis Research Award. He is also an active member of several professional associations including the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering (CSCE), and the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers (ESE). He is also a Vice-Chair in the CSCE Steel Structures Committee under the Structures Division.



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