Simplex Engineering Inc. has significant expertise with all issues related to undergraduate and graduate engineering programs. Therefore, we can help international colleges and universities address undergraduate or graduate issues. This include curriculum review and development of engineering programs as well as securing international accreditation from ABET, CEAB, NAQAAE, CAA, or others. Our professional services will be tailored to fit your needs.




  • REVIEW of the engineering program:
    • objectives,
    • vision,
    • process of evaluating the learning outcomes,
    • faculty and university policies,
    • curriculum content and quality,
    • safety,
    • program environment.


  • IDENTIFY the areas of weaknesses.


  • PROPOSE suitable corrective actions.


  • IMPLEMENT the necessary corrective actions.


  • SUPERVISE the collection of program data and statistics.


  • DEVELOP and/or REVIEW the engineering program report.


  • DEVELOP and/or REVIEW the continuous improvement plan.


  • TRAIN faculty and staff to be ready for the review visit.