Engineering Education

Simplex Engineering Inc. provides a variety of educational services for engineers as well as colleges and universities. Our professional development activities refresh knowledge of engineers, update their knowledge about design codes and standards, and train them on new technologies and/or analysis techniques. For international colleges and universities, Simplex Engineering services ensure that the quality of the engineering education meets the desired accreditation standards.

Professional development is offered to engineers through face-to-face courses, live webinars, videos, and technical publications. We cover a wide range of engineering topics and will be delighted to discuss offering specialized courses at your site. Our instructors are university professors and/or senior professional engineers, who have significant teaching expertise.

For Colleges and Universities, we provide professional services related to the development and/or review of undergraduate or graduate engineering programs, the accreditation process, and other undergraduate or graduate issues.

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Engineering Education


    Simplex Engineering Inc. cannot be held liable for actual designs that follow information presented on this site. The design engineer must adhere to the rules governing practicing of professional engineering and follow the requirements of prevailing design standards, regulations, and codes of practice. Simplex Engineering Inc. will be delighted to discuss potential collaborations in structural engineering related projects. Please contact us to be informed about our services and associated fees.